Kingu Design Shapes® is a trademark created by Emiliano Santarelli, an italian interior and graphic designer, that work between Italy and his second homeland, Czech Republic. 
Kingu Design Shapes® offers a wide variety of design services, from Interior Design and 3d Visualization, to Product/Furniture Design and Graphic Design with 100% Italian taste.
For clients that don’t reside locally or for those that prefer to implement a design themselves we offer our online interior design services.
It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer for full range of services since everything is delivered right to you via email.


At Kingu Design Shapes® we create this online design experience to make interior design available to everyone. It's a simple process to provide you with fantastic design ideas to suit your home or your business.

Interior Design

icona INTERIORI offer comprehensive interior design services for residential and commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes, from new construction to individual room redesign. The design process includes environment measuration, space planning 2d, photorealistic 3d renders of the furnished space, ideas about colors, decorations, materials, flooring and finishes, technical drawings of the project needed to start and manage jobs with the construction company.

3D Visualization

icona 3D

3D visualization is needed at any stage of the project: from the first ideas till the sale of real property to ultimate buyer. Thanks to 3D technologies development we can gain a photorealistic image of future building/product before it will be build. 

Furniture Design


Whether you need new custom kitchen or a small side table, here at Kingu Design Shapes, we specialize in translating your concepts into beautiful furniture projects. Many clients simply can't find what they want in their local furniture design showrooms. Some clients require new furniture designs to blend with their existing furnishings. Some have specific size and/or material requirements. We have the right solutions for you!

Graphic Design

icona GRAPHICSWhether you need a logo, brochure, business card, or a complete identity package, here at Kingu Design Shapes we design creative solution you need at prices that are affordable and fixed.

Ideal Target

icona privati5

Do You need to renovate your house, your office, your store, or any other space? Here at Kingu Design Shapes, we find out the best solution for you.

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Real Estate

Do you want to sell a house more easily, to offer your customers interior design solutions or original ideas for the furnishing? Trust our experienced team of designers.

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Construction Companies

Do You want to get several solution of interior designing for your properties? In a few days you will receive the relating projects ready to be implemented.

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Small Companies

Do you want to grow your business? Get a new brand image, and renew your spaces, offices and shops with a small investment.