fill the void

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By the state of the sub floor we can understand that the beech wooden floor was rotten and for this reason, long time ago, someone cutted away that frame on the perimeter.


Now it’s time to fill it again!

I found a batch of savaged oak parquet with a different format for a few bucks.


I want create a new frame with a different pattern that will optically join two different rooms.

Enjoy it!

PS: In the next post I’ll show you the reason why that beech floor was ruined and how I fixed it!

2d plan

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technical drawings

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some detailed instructions for drywall partitions and ceilings.

Enjoy it!


apartment in Prague

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This is a new project for an apartment in Prague.
Here you can see exactly what virtual home staging is:  what is, and what should be!

My client was pretty happy with the result.
Me too.

Enjoy it!

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Buying a flat in a hundred years old house, and finding out that under that lifeless laminate floor there is a oak herringbone parquet, that makes me happy!!